Star Monde - How We Work

Star Monde works closely with clients to plan and meet their needs. Irrespective of whether it is personal coaching or working with people in leadership positions, or communications, we support and help people to get clear about their needs.
In the initial meeting, we work through what is required, how it is to be achieved and/or the outcomes. For coaching, we establish the goal(s) and the timetable for sessions. For communication's projects, the planning takes place to meet these objectives and the work begins to meet deadlines and budget constraints.


Case study - Working with creative people - budding authors, script writers


  • An aspiring author working full-time in the public service wanted to create a better balance in her life and move towards writing full-time.


Coaching helped her to decide what was really important in her life, the areas she had to develop further and how to manage competing priorities. She learnt to say 'no' to some of the many demands placed on her. She went on to produce a number of best-selling books and is in demand as an international speaker.


  • Another person wanted to set up a business offering writing and marketing services

Coaching enabled her to define the services she would offer, how she would market her business and how she would manage her time in this new environment. She now runs a successful business offering publicity services to authors.



Case study -Working with people changing jobs, careers, transitioning to retirement


  • A front-line manager who was studying part-time for a law degree wanted to move into a job more related to legal issues.

With the help of coaching, he prepared a capability statement i.e. the skills and experience he had and identified the gaps that he needed to worked towards through experience or training. He then prepared a resume, covering letter and we worked together on preparing for job-interviews while building an awareness of what was required in the new environment.


This person was successful in getting a job in a para-legal role which enabled him to finish his studies and build his skills in a legal environment.


  • I want to prepare for an interesting retirement.

Through the help of coaching this person has transitioned to part-time work; has taken on the challenge of working on a not-for- profit board and is planning her families' first overseas trip. Her world has changed through the support and challenge of coaching.




Case study - Communication services


  • A new not-for-profit, membership organisation was to be established, providing existing members voted for the change.


Star Monde initially prepared a communications plan and worked closely with the implementation team to prepare and publish an information package including information sessions which outlined the changes to the organisation; media materials including articles for targeted outlets; a website. There was an overwhelming vote from members for the changes to the organisation.



  • A Government organisation required assistance in preparing information for young people.

Star Monde wrote the materials and targeted their print and electronic information through the use of plain English and better design.



Case study - Team coaching

An organisation wanted to develop a high performing management team. The team was new, there was a recent restructure and staff weren't sure how to work together. Star Monde worked with the team (and included the 'elephants' that couldn't be discussed) over a series of coaching sessions with members becoming aware of how they were sabotaging their good work. The team realised the value of other members and by putting in place simple strategies and improving communications they were able to work in new and more effective ways.



Case study - Facilitation

Star Monde was engaged to facilitate a one day planning workshop for a new organisation. Three branches, each having different objectives, were amalgamated. Stakeholders, staff and management came together to work out how they were going to engage and work together for the next twelve months. As well as facilitating the day for over 120 people, Star Monde wrote a planning document for the way forward based on information gathered at the workshop.