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Goal setting

Ready for inspiring goals?

Once you have done your reflection on what has taken place in your life, it is now time to set some goals for yourself  to achieve. These goals would come from areas of your life that you would like to improve, develop further or change. These goals will provide you with opportunities, will stretch you and take you to a place you have never been before if you really focus on them. Think BIG........

Some tips to get you started with your goal setting

1. Reflect on what you have done, achieved over the month or year so you can link your goal priorities to the areas that you would like to improve, develop further or change. 
2. Set a time period to achieve your goals ie will it be three, six months, twelve months.
3. Brainstorm all the possibilities for your goals. You could do this by writing down ideas or cutting out pictures that symbolise the things you want.
4. Prioritise your possibilities so that you can really focus on what you want.
5. Get clear what your goals mean ie what does each one feel like, what does each one look like; what is my present thinking, what changes will I have to make.
6. Take what you have written down and make short, snappy statements about your goal(s). Place these goal statements somewhere where you can see them everyday. You could add to this by taking your pictures that show what you want to achieve and place them on some cardboard or board that you can look at. These will be the reminders of what want to achieve.
7. Enjoy working towards your goals.
If you would like assistance in meeting your goals, please send us a message at: with the subject heading - My Goals for the Best Year Yet and your contact details. We will get back to you and provide further details about our coaching services and when we can meet.