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Coaching  - Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of working with Star Monde?


Star Monde Coaching:

  • The catalyst to change your life i.e. your personal and/or professional life.
  • The opportunity to work through transitions i.e. changing careers, stepping down from full time work.
  • Encouragement to stretch yourself and broaden your horizons; to change your perception and experience new ways of thinking
  • Increased confidence as you explore and remove 'self limiting' beliefs.
  • The opportunity to be inspired supported and challenged as you grow and change, working with an experienced coach.
  • To have a professional coach who has International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentials and is committed to ongoing training and the Code of Ethics set by the ICF.


TIPS from the coach


Star Monde Communications:

  • Star Monde takes an integrated approach to your communications; researching, designing, planning strategies that meet the needs of your target audiences then implementing the communications plan using the appropriate whether it is written, electronic or social media.
  • All projects will be managed by the principal of Star Monde, Geraldine Star, a skilled communications professional.
  • If necessary, an experienced team of professional people e.g. writers, editors, graphic designers, web developers will be brought together to work on your project to meet the needs of your target audience(s).



Star Monde Coaching


What type of coaching is undertaken?

We work with a range of clients from individuals to staff in government, not-for-profits and the education sectors. We undertake the following types of coaching:

  • Creative coaching - for budding authors, script writers or those who want to set up a business in this area.
  • Leadership coaching - for inspiring leaders who want to re-position strategic directions or go to the next level.
  • Career, transition coaching - for those applying for jobs, or changing careers or moving another stage of their life.
  • Team coaching - for management or project teams who want to improve their performance.


How do I do contact Star Monde about coaching services?

Send us your details at  or use the form on the contacts page and we will send you further information and arrange a time to chat by phone or on Skype.


During the initial conversation, you have the opportunity to ask questions and work out whether you are comfortable with the coach. What you want from coaching and the process involved will be discussed.


What coaching arrangements are available?


Clients needs vary, and at Star Monde, we work with you to meet these needs. Coaching may be undertaken over the phone, or through Skype or face to face. Some clients work on having a package of twelve, one hour sessions over three or six months; others may require a six session package or they may want two sessions to work through a particular issue. You decide what coaching package suits you during the initial session.


How are coaching sessions structured?


Initially, you will be sent a questionnaire to help you to prepare for the coaching experience. This is filled out and returned to your coach.


During the first session, we work on setting the goal(s) you want to achieve from coaching. This session allows us to build rapport and look at the important areas of your life or workplace.  This session usually takes about an hour and a half, other sessions are usually an hour.


In the following sessions, we build on your strengths to achieve the goal(s). We may explore your thinking, your behaviour and /or your feelings and how you could make changes to optimise your situation. Each session is about YOU, and while we may check in each session to see what you have accomplished and set actions for you to undertake, it is about your growth and development.


What support do I receive between sessions?


Between sessions, should you have any questions or issues you wish to discuss, you may email or phone for assistance. Interesting articles, links to websites relevant to you will be provided throughout the coaching series.


What are the payments?


Payments are discussed in the initial conversation. They are usually made three sessions at a time and the overall payment will depend on the package arranged i.e. six or twelve sessions. One-off sessions to resolve a dilemna or to discuss something through may be arranged if required.


Payments for workplace coaching including group coaching are subject to negotiation.