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Star Monde Facilitation 

For assistance with training or facilitation


Star Monde collaborates in workplaces through a using a range of change management tools including communications, coaching, facilitation and training. This offers the opportunity to take staff and the management of their projects to new levels using the appropriate tool for the situation.

We also design and facilitate change management programs as part of performance improvement or the implementation of new systems.
To engage our facilitation services, we initially meet with you to workout your priorities, what you want to achieve, what structures will suit your group and how you want to participate. We then use our skills as communicators, facilitators and trainers to design and plan the services you require. We then work with participants according to the needs of the project.



At Star Monde we make your meetings more productive using an experienced facilitator to ensure people work through issues and stay focussed on what they set out to achieve. We work with a variety of small and large sized groups whether they are strategic planning teams; project groups; community, stakeholder or focus groups.

Or you can engage Star Monde to work with community members or other groups to facilitate meetings or shared outcomes through a workshop, seminar or forum process. Facilitation services can be provided face to face or online.

Examples of group facilitations



At Star Monde we customise our training to suit your needs. Training workshops include:

  • Strategic thinking for leaders
  • Coaching for leaders
  • Working with and influencing stakeholders
  • Building high performing teams
  • Communication skills
  • Writing for Impact in the Public Sector
  • Emails - legislation and protocols

Workshops are held in Sydney and throughout regional Australia.