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Star Monde - Coaching 

Geraldine helped me find a balance in my life between work and play. She coached me to develop strategies to reach the short and long-term goals I set. And she guided me in developing business and life-plans so I could live the dream I had always had, to be a full-time writer.

Dr Anita Heiss, author, social commentator


It's time for a CHANGE ........


  • Has your birthday come and gone, did all those goals you had in mind, go also?
  • What happened to the book you wanted to write; the business you wanted to start; the transition you wanted to make to a new career or to retire?
  • Are you now ready to change, to be transformed, to open yourself to new possibilities?


Do you have a goal or two in mind?


A goal that has been hard to get started on but one you would love to achieve. It could be writing a book, preparing for a career change, managing your time better or getting fitter and healthier, Star Monde's personal/life coaching services can help you take the journey to achieve what you want.

We live in a world of infinite possibilities but often we are not sure of our own potential. Sometimes our self doubt creeps in and a little voice says 'no, you can't do that'... But yes you can, and much better than you think you can. You can open up to opportunities through coaching and moving past self limiting beliefs.


Looking at the big picture - Goal Setting


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Life coaching gives you the opportunity to stretch yourself. You have the opportunity to set your dream goals and to turn these into reality. We will help you to transform your thinking and ways of doing things. Your new insights will assist you to see the world differently and make the necessary changes. You will set deadlines and actions which we will monitor together as partners as you progress over a negotiated period.

Star Monde's methodology is based on goal setting with a results orientation and is self learning based. You will be encouraged and enriched by the experience and have the opportunity to go to new levels of awareness and performance.






Coaching for Change


Performance enhancement through Star Monde's executive, management coaching offers the opportunity for you to grow, to shift self-imposed barriers and gain fresh insights. Having someone to assist as a coach - as a mentor, a facilitator, motivator and sounding board all rolled into one - is a powerful way to grow personally and professionally.

Building a strong and flexible professional culture in an organisation takes time, resources and commitment on the part of executive members and management. Change management, value setting and team building strategies must be led and managed successfully to achieve desired outcomes and results.

'One to one', goal directed executive and leadership coaching at Star Monde gives you the opportunity to reflect, observe and take action to become a better leader and manager. The coaching journey provides possibilities to become more pro-active, anticipate issues and lead change with courage and sensitivity to become a more influential player in business or Government circles with assistance to build relationships with key players both internally or externally.


Please download  Tips for building influence


Star Monde works with your identified needs and engages in a systematic process with goal setting and a focus on results. This process focuses on your performance, work life balance, personal growth and self directed learning.



Development coaching


Star Monde also works with workplace staff who have identified development needs and engages in a systematic process with goal setting and a focus on results. This process focuses on improved performance, personal growth and self directed learning.


Team coaching

Star Monde also provides team coaching sessions for managers and teams who want to be challenged and go to the next level. Opportunities to build relationships are provided; future scenario development explored and enhanced leadership capabilities are developed over series of negotiated sessions. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the team.

People say

I now have a better sense of working together and a better understanding of how I operate in a team environment. Very well done and received.


Team coaching participant